The American Library Initiative
- Magical reading experiences for children

The Family Univeristy Foundation in partnership with Rabbit Publishers has launched the American Reading Initiative. Its aim is to get One Million Kids Reading One Million Stories, by providing books to American school libraries. They promote a celebration of the magic of the reading experience for children. Underlying the Initiative is the best selling series, Harry Moon. The series affirms the values parents and teachers consider as core in building children with character.

Both the Harry Moon and companion Honey Moon books teach kindness, respect to parents, self-confidence, acceptance and responsibility, while promoting literacy among middle-school children.

Cyber Hero America - Companies helping schools give children safe digital skills for a lifetime!

We have always taught our children how to be safe when we weren't there to protect them. Cyber Hero America understands the need to move those same life lessons to the internet, teaching our youngest children to be safe and healthy in a virtual world. Companies from all around the nation are joining together to help parents and teachers provide the valuable training that will make an important difference to 35 million children under 12 who will spend time this year on the internet.

Other/Past Foundation Programs

  • Successful RELATIONSHIPS & Parenting CLASSeS + ANGER MAnagement & domestic violence classes . . .
    For more than eight years, the Family Univeristy Foundation has provided weekly relationship classes in the Landcaster/Palmdale area north of Los Angeles that highlight abuse prevention and anger management. In association with Yes2Kids and the Antelope Valley Child Abuse Prevention Council, FUF instructors provide training to hundreds of individuals and couples, at minimal or no cost, often in satisfication of a court-manadated requirement to get help to overcome domenstic violence issues.Read More
  • McCaughey family multiple-birth project
    In November, 1997, Bobbie McCaughey with husband Kenny in Des Moines, Iowa gave birth to septuplets. Each one survived and help poured in from the community and across the nation. In response to the abundant gifts and amazing care they received from others, the McCaughey's worked with the Family University Foundation to assist in establishing and administering a special fund designed to assist other high multiple-birth families with their extensive needs.Read More