A National & Timely Companies/Schools Initiative

The internet is a doorway to a magical world of learning and relationships. It connects us to past civilizations, inspires us with the beauty of the arts and unlocks our future. The internet enables us to preserve and extend relationships that once were lost inside of the fabric of time. And more than 30% of us are now finding our life mate thru an online encounter. Few things have become as important as preparing our youngest children to successfully navigate their online experience.

However, each 12 minutes of every day, a young American online unwittingly surrenders his or her innocence. But, vulnerability plummets and the benefits soar when a child becomes wise to online safety

  • This Family University Foundation Cyber Hero America IInitiative is inviting companies from all around the nation to join together to help parents and teachers provide valuable CyberHero™ classroom training. It will make a vital difference to 35 million children under 12 who will spend time this year on the internet. We want them to be healthy and strong and able to thrive in the exciting virtual community.

    If your company or organization is ready to make a huge difference for our children, please step up and join us in now before another child loses his or her innocence! Learn More at